Marvelously Made - Hide it in your Heart -Part 2

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October 8, 2020 | Josee Gervais

Cozy up with God’s word this fall!

We hope you enjoyed the first five weeks of our Hide it in your Heart series(if you missed it you can access it here)… We pray that it has awakened a sense of wonder and a love for God’s Word as you and your family discover what He says about science! Perhaps your family was able to find even more passages in the Bible that connected to what you studied in science that week. That's awesome! Make sure you comment below and share that with us! There is no greater joy than to see our children’s eyes sparkle with delight at the treasures they found in God’s Word! We pray that your family’s conversations and daily activities experienced a shift as you welcomed these precious treasures into your day.

Perhaps your local CC Community is on break week and enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Creation certainly does speak to us about who God is and how He cares for us. All we need to do is look outside as we witness all the animals that are preparing for cold weather and the trees preparing for winter. There is beauty in the change of season. It reminds us that no matter the season we are in, that He is faithful through them all!

In this next part of our Hide it in your heart series, we will be learning about different systems that God created in our bodies. It is so awe inspiring! As much as God created the beauty we see outside as we look up at those beautiful fall leaves and witness that God takes care of every small detail, we can praise Him that He does the same for us. Everything works together in this perfect harmony outside of our control. We will also find out that our actions and the state of our heart does influence our physical bodies.

Let’s turn our hearts towards Him once again and thank Him for the love He has for us. Thank Him that you can hike and run and jump in those fall leaves. Thank Him for caring for all our needs and that most of all, He can fill our hearts with His presence.

Download your free pdf below for Weeks 6-10. In the next few weeks, as you talk about the content and what you know about that week’s science, some weeks might generate a bit of a laugh but as we learn about how God made our bodies and how each system works. we can also see the Scriptures a little differently.

Think of the images the passage evokes for each member of the family. If the discussion gets lengthy that’s

Remember to keep it simple. Focus on one verse if you need to. Tend to it during the week and talk about it throughout your day. Live it out creatively as a family. How can you share that truth with others? Remember to let them lead with their own words. What our children share will undoubtedly speak to our hearts as well. We need to be reminded to see the Word through their eyes too. And they will learn from us what it is like to genuinely love the Lord’s presence by our example. We want to demonstrate the simplicity of the gospel, to come as we are, feast on His Word and let the Holy Spirit teach us in ALL things!

Let us know what impact these conversations have made in your family, community, area! Who knows? You might be featured in another blog post. Remember to connect to our Facebook Page and Instagram for more encouragement!


Your CC Canada Team

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