Marvelously Made-Part 3

Finale of our Hide it in your heart series -Marvelously made.
November 23, 2020 | Josee Gervais

We did it!

Here we are at weeks 11 & 12 and in the final part of our Hide it in your Heart Series - Marvellously Made.

Many of you might be in that final stretch before Christmas Break and the kids might be praying for enough sticky snow to build some amazing snow forts. I know we are!!! 

These last two weeks will be covering the Endocrine System and Purposes of Blood. You can download the pdf below. Although some subjects are not literally in the Bible, we know that God reveals Himself through His Word and His Creation. It’s no wonder that one can help point us to the other and awaken us to another quality of our amazing God and how He loves us!

Week 11- The Endocrine System

One way to approach this conversation is to have a chat about the role of the endocrine system and its importance for the body. It sends messages throughout the body and plays an especially important role in its daily functioning. If someone’s hormones are out of balance, it can cause a lot of problems in their health. Seems like it has a lot of authority!

Likewise, our passage for this week helps us reflect on who has authority in our lives. If we have decided to live for Jesus, He has authority in our lives. His Holy Spirit is also there to teach us in ALL things and helps us align with the will of our Heavenly Father. We can encourage each other to start our days asking Him to guide us and teach us in all things. That we would have eyes to see those around us that need kindness or compassion and that we would listen to His leading as well. He can also help us understand scripture and inspire questions that will help deepen our relationship with God.

Week 12: The purposes of Blood

Review the purposes of blood and discuss its role in our bodies. Our blood does not need us to make it do its job. God has created it to fulfill its purpose. We have no control over it! How amazing! 

After reading the passage, discuss how amazing it is that because of Jesus’ blood shed for us at the cross, we can COME boldly before the throne of God. There is nothing we can do to deserve that; it is His gift for us! Because of His blood, we can have direct COMMUNICATION with God. We can approach Him as a Father and our relationship is restored. 

What a comfort to know that we can come to our Lord just as we are and that because of what Jesus did for us, we can be a part of His family and in His loving care.

We hope you enjoyed our Hide it in your Heart series (if you missed it you can access it here). We pray that it has awakened a sense of wonder and a love for God’s Word and that you will continue to cultivate these moments of meaningful discussion with your family.

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Your CC Canada Team