The Vision

We at Classical Conversations Canada envision home schooling parents, reclaiming the education of their children, through parent led, community driven, Christ-centered, classical teaching that is sustainable until post secondary. We see this vision to fruition by establishing structured Classical Conversation Communities across Canada, equipping parents through annual Parent Practicums, and providing a Christ-centered curriculum framework. 

The Mission 

The purpose of Classical Conversations Canada® is to lead the home-centered education movement. We do this in three ways. By teaching both parents and students the classical tools of learning, by providing continuity of content throughout all our programs regardless of location, and by maintaining program relevancy to current home educating needs.

The Promise

  • Provide confident, dependable Christian leadership in the home-centered, classical education movement.
  • Provide structured weekly classical, Christian communities that hone students’ academic and classical skills of recitation, logical thinking, and persuasive rhetoric.
  • Provide annual Parent Practicums across Canada that empower parents to confidently teach any academic subject classically.
  • Provide a Christ-centered curriculum framework that engages the current culture in which we live.
  • To grow alongside home educating families, constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves.
  • Seek to partner with like-minded businesses in order to provide quality products and services for home educating families.

The Position

  • Classical Conversations Canada looks to provide programs of the highest quality that are supported by service that is tailored to the individuals’ specific needs.
  • Classical Conversations Canada provides consistent programs that sustain through high school until post secondary. 
  • Classical Conversations Canada provides programs and content that is consistent regardless of where, when or by whom, it is delivered. 
  • Classical Conversations Canada serves home schooling families looking for a parent led program that can be followed through to post secondary
  • Classical Conversations Canada has proven itself by seeing those within it graduate and attend post secondary 

Core Beliefs

  1. Bible: A Christ-centered worldview is the foundation through which all subjects must be viewed and eventually integrated.
  2. Parents: Parents are a child’s first and most influential teacher.
  3. Method: We use the Classical model to reclaim the education of our children.
  4. Community: A structured academic community provides accountability, support, fellowship, and the ability to impact the home education culture on a grander scale.
  5. Mentors: An experienced, dependable, homeschooling mentor, who facilitates a weekly community meeting and acts as a lead learner, offers reliable support in the “learning-life” of both the parent and student.
  6. Students: All students can “train their brains to retain,” use information logically, and communicate well.
  7. Skills: There are no poor students, just poor learning skills.
  8. Curriculum: Classical Conversations provides relevant, consistent, curriculum guides and syllabi, allowing parents to continue to direct and own the details that best suit their personal priorities and student dynamics.
  9. Model: Parent led education. By nature, a homeschool family of younger children closely resembles a one-room schoolhouse model—multiple ages under one primary teacher, the parent.